The importance of school screening for early scoliosis detection – a call to schools.


Author : Sorrel Reid—screening-for-the-early-detection-for-idiopathic-scoliosis-in-adolescents/

The link above leads to a position statement released by the Scoliosis Research Society on the importance of detecting and diagnosing scoliosis as early as possible. The prevalence of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis is unknown in this country and school screening would provide invaluable data for research as well as the opportunity to provide prompt care for those affected. Based in Cape Town, Angie Lander Biokineticists would like to initiate school screening as a start to setting up a connection between children and adults with scoliosis and the multidisciplinary teams that are available to them.
Below is a letter already sent out to a catchment of schools in our area. If you, or you know of anyone with a diagnosed or suspected scoliosis, get in touch! We can help!