7 Tips for Safely Lifting Heavy Loads


Lifting heavy object with improper technique is a common cause of back pain and injuries to the back. Lifting injuries can occur at any moment. Below are some tips when lifting heavy object;

  • Have a wide base of support
    Square up to the load with the feet shoulder width apart from one another.
  • Don’t bend over, rather squat
    Do not bend over to pick a heavy load. Always keep your back straight and bend your knees.
  • Maintain a good posture
    Keep your back straight and look straight ahead. Pull your shoulders slightly backward to help maintain correct posture.
  • Lifting
    Lift with a slow and smooth motion. Maintain your good posture while using your arms, legs, and abdominal muscles to lift the object.
  • Do not use your back while lifting
    Never bend or use your back to lift heavy objects.
  • Avoid awkward load positioning
    Hold the object as close to your body as possible at the level of your belly button. Keep your hips and shoulders in line while moving and lead with your hips as you move.
  • Putting the load down
    Carefully put down the load by squatting down with the hips and knees only while keeping a straight back.