As an orthopaedic centred practice, our Biokineticists are specifically trained in functional and holistic musculoskeletal assessments. This service assesses patients with disorders and injuries of the bones and muscles (orthopaedics).The aim of this clinical assessment is to determine the source and mechanism of injury and to thereafter, prescribe the most appropriate course of action to manage and improve their symptoms.

The full orthopaedic assessment comprises of the analysis of the body’s joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves and tendons and how they are functioning together. The assessment includes posture analysis; proprioception; strength and flexibility; biomechanical movement analysis; injury assessment and rehabilitation prescription.

Posture is evaluated as it has a large influence on increasing ones risk of injury.
Proprioception refers to the overall sense of body position and movement in space. One can be both strong and flexible, but if proprioception is poor then movements cannot be executed in a controlled manner. Biomechanical analysis follows to uncover mechanisms of injury in an otherwise strong or flexible body. Injuries can be diagnosed and classified, with further investigations suggested if necessary. The resulting rehabilitation prescription is always individualised and specific to the patient. Patients can be seen regularly for supervised sessions, otherwise given a home program to manage themselves. We have a fully stocked rehabilitation practice as well as access to a gym so patients can be catered for from basic rehabilitation to more advanced final phase rehabilitation.

Following from the assessment we will have both subjective as well as objective measures concerning your orthopaedic strengths and weaknesses. A few months following your exercise programme, you will have another assessment so that we can ensure that improvements in your musculoskeletal system are taking place. Our most common orthopaedic areas include lower back pain, pre and post joint replacement rehabilitation, posture related injuries and chronic sporting injuries.