Meet the Team

Angie Lander, the owner of Peak Biokinetics, has been practising as a Biokineticist for over 30 years. She has had extensive experience overseas in London and Colorado and eventually bought the Biokinetics practice at the Sport Science Institute of SA in 1998. In 2017, Angie decided to move her practice, with her dynamic team, to new premises to continue specialising in the fields of Scoliosis, Orthopaedic and Neural rehabilitation. In addition to Biokinetics, Angie is qualified as a Pilates instructor, massage therapist and an international Schroth therapist. Her passion is injury prevention in adults and children, scoliosis screening and rehabilitation, posture and spinal rehabilitation.

Jen Hume has been practising as a Biokineticist at Peak Biokinetics since the beginning of 2020. Her professional work has focused mainly on orthopedic rehabilitation and injury prevention. She is pursuing her passion and enjoys working with more mature populations, as well as orthopedic injury rehabilitation. She is a qualified pilates instructor and has a passion in teaching pilates. She runs various classes with a focus on postural awareness, injury prevention and general conditioning.

Donna Holing studied in Stellenbosch, obtaining her Sport Science and Psychology undergraduate Degree in 2019. She did her Honors in BSc Biokinetics in 2020, and completed her Internship at the Stellenbosch Biokinetics Center in 2021. She has a passion for helping those who are differently abled, particularly neurological conditions; and after her internship worked for an NPO called Bridging Abilities. She then joined Sarah Arnold's practice, and worked with Walking with Brandon clients.  Donna moved to Cape Town in 2023, after getting married. She is now working full time at Angie Lander Biokineticists to pursue her interest in orthopedic, postural and scoliosis rehabilitation. In addition, Donna is a qualified Pilates instructor working with both kids and adult classes. Furthermore, she leads scoliosis group classes, where she guides girls in their specific exercises and educates them about scoliosis. 

Dalene is our efficient secretary who manages our schedules and keeps the practice running smoothly.