Good morning, I am new to running and have scoliosis since a teenager. I am struggling with stiffness in my lower back, groin and leg pains. I have been going to physiotherapist and have been given exercises to improve my core, mobilise and strengthen weak areas. I know it is all part of a process that must be given time but am not fully convinced. Would biokinetics be more beneficial? I am currently concerned about the pain in my leg and have some up and coming running goals I am aiming for. I know there is no quick fix but would like some relief. Please advise.
By the sounds of it you have already taken measures to improve your pain by seeing a physiotherapist. If you feel that you are getting relief from your physiotherapist I would continue with him/her. What we can offer you are Schroth specific exercises which would be individualised for your specific curve. After having an X-Ray we would categorise your specific curve and take you through your exercises. We have achieved great success with our clients. Your specific curve may be responsible for the pain in your legs as the vertebrae could be compressing nerves going to your lower limb. I would highly recommend coming in for an assessment.
Four months ago I fell and tore my Achilles tendon as well as other structure. Despite various efforts and medications, the injury improves for a very brief while before reverting to feeling re-injured and is very painful. Would you be able to assist?
We would need to do a full assessment to determine where your limitations are. If you only target your Achilles tendon injury, you may be neglecting other structures that are involved with why your tendon ruptured in the first place. We need to determine the cause of the injury and tailor a programme that can strengthen the supporting mechanisms of the whole lower limb, including the Achilles tendon. We hope to hear from you soon.