Cancer and Exercise

“Salakari, M., Surakka, T., Nurminen, R., & Pylkkänen, L. (2015). Effects of rehabilitation among patients with advances cancer: a systematic review.
Acta Oncologica, 54(5), 618-628. doi: 10.3109/0284186x.2014.996661″

A systematic review giving a summary on the effectiveness of exercise on cancer patients.

Moving and participating in exercise is a vital part of keeping the body in a healthy state.

Another study stated that there is an increasing number of studies focusing on the therapeutic effect exercise has on cancer patients. There is evidence showing that exercise is safe as well as feasible during cancer treatment as well as throughout recovery. It also improves physical functioning, and reduces fatigue. Importantly it has positive impact on different aspects of a person’s quality of life! (Cheryl L. et al., 2012)

“Exercise is Medicine”