Compensation and loss of proper body movement

We can develop many patterns of compensation throughout our life. These compensations can result from activities of daily living, injury and other factors. Interestingly human movement continuously shapes and re-shapes the body through a process known as ‘mechanotransduction’. You can read more on this in the link provided. Sometimes the relationship between movement and the body can re-shape the body for the worst and lessen its capability to function as it should.

Because of the modern ways of living that includes prolonged sitting throughout the day and also texting with the neck in a flexed position, the body is unable to maintain correct joint and tissue function when moving during the day. This can lead to compensation.

Compensation in short is the body attempting to make up for a lack of movement in one area of the body by adding a new movement in other areas. Many compensation patterns may be subtle or very hard to notice. This compensation pattern can grow over time and become detrimental to the quality of movement.

In order to correct the movement back to proper functional movement, exercises need to be done to correct the kinetic chain or the body as a whole. More information is provided in the link.

List of Common Compensation Patterns and Movement Dysfunctions