Low back pain statistics and causes

Here are some interesting statistics in relation to low back pain; did you know that about;
80% of people experience low back pain some time in their life. Only 25%-40% of people seek rehabilitation for low back pain and 60%-75% of people get recurrences of low back pain. This can be due to mainly being inactive and not following through with rehabilitation. Also interestingly back pain costs the economy more than any other disease. It is also estimated that about 10%-15% of sick days taken from work are due to low back pain.

The following can lead to low back pain;

Poor posture and being inactive
Sitting for prolonged periods and using poor posture during work
Increased body weight, especially the area around the abdomen
High levels of stress and anxiety
Degeneration that occurs due to old age, trauma, overload and poor ‘core stability’ during everyday movements

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