MARCH MADNESS! Come for a full week of free Pilates.


Come for a full week of FREE Pilates. Offer valid until the end of March.

Pilates is the comprehensive integration of body, mind and spirit. Our classes focus on core stability and strengthening, breathing, injury prevention, balance, flexibility and posture. Our small group classes are structured to ensure adequate explanation and supervision by one of our Biokineticists in the Pilates method.

Joseph Hubertus Pilates was born in 1883 in Germany. He was always studying various exercise regimens to expand his knowledge. Joe was interested in the Greek ideal of a man that is balanced in body, mind and spirit, and started to develop his own exercise regimen based on this Greek ideal. In 1926 he emigrated to the United States of America and opened a fitness studio in New York. During the following years Pilates started to become more popular, and after his death in 1967 his students continued to practice Pilates at their own studios.

During the 1970’s celebrities in Hollywood took notice of Pilates and soon the media followed and began to cover Pilates extensively. After that the public started to take notice and Pilates took off.

Pilates primarily focuses on core strength, while also integrating the body as a whole promoting strength and balanced muscle development. Pilates also improves flexibility and the range of motion of the joints.

Pilates is adaptable to many fitness levels and needs. The foundations of Pilates movement can be used for people from different ages, from a senior just starting to exercise to an elite athlete and everybody in between.

Pilates also improves strength without giving muscle bulk. It helps to build toned muscles to help with the functional fitness needs of a person for everyday activities. Pilates uses eccentric muscle contractions to create long, strong muscles.

Pilates also improves posture by focusing on good alignment, which is supported by a strong core. This helps to reduce back pain as well. Another benefit is that Pilates increases energy levels by improving blood circulation, breathing and overall movement of the body.

10 Benefits of Pilates