Pilates and Barre

There is no doubt that Pilates is good for you. There are ways of changing up your class, including adding in some Barre based exercises and movements. There are various benefits of including Barre in your routine, such as:

  1. It’s a fantastic core workout
  2. It improves your posture
  3. It helps your muscles work correctly
  4. It increases your flexibilty
  5. It targets every muscle group
  6. It’s low-impact
  7. It has low injury risk
  8. It’s FUN!

At Angie Lander Biokineticists we are now offering Pilates classes that will incorporate Barre movements. The times are Tuesday 06:00-07:00, Thursday 06:45-07:30 and Saturday 09:30-10:30. Spaces are limited in the class so book your spot now to avoid disappointment!

For more information on the benefits of Pilates and Barre, click on the link –> 8 Reasons To Try Barre Class