SPRING is here. Some tips for starting a new exercise regime.

Spring is here and with the weather getting warmer more people are getting back into exercise. Here are some tips to help you maintain your exercise program;

  • Create a realistic, achievable plan
    We would all love to lose 5 kg in one week or run 5 km each morning, but realistically, at the beginning of a fitness plan these goals are too large and will set you up for failure. Try starting with small changes to achieve lasting results. Incorporating these changes into your diet and exercise regime consistently over a period of time, will allow you to form healthy habits and stick with them.
  • Do your research
    If you have any consistant niggles or pain, consult your doctor or a biokineticist to avoid any complications.
  • Take it day by day
    It takes 17 to 21 days for our minds to form a habit. Thus the first 2 weeks will be important to create an effect exercise plan. Rather break your goals down by the day instead of takin it week by week.
  • Track your progress
    Understanding your diet and how you’re exercising are key ways to identify the healthy and unhealthy habits you have. Try to track everything you do and eat in the first week such as, food intake, exercise repetitions, run time per kilometre etc. At the end of the week recognize the unhealthy patterns and find ways to make them healthier.
  • Set an end goal and reward yourself
    Motivation and finding healthy, effective ways to stay focused on your exercise regime is the best way to see results. Setting a goal like a vacation, or even just fitting into those too-tight shorts from last summer will keep you focused and motivated.