Take a stand!

TAKING A STAND: Benefits on using a sit-stand desk in the office.
Majority of people have desk jobs and find themselves sitting behind a desk for many hours of the day (Finch et al., 2017). According to recent studies, employees spend around 62% of their workday sitting (Wilmot et al., 2012).
Desk jobs are associated with neck and back pain and a study done by Pronk et al., (2012) found that using a sit-stand desk, helped to decrease overall sitting time by more than an hour per day. Sit-stand desks also decreased neck and back pain by 54% as well as increased the employees mood states.
Other benefits also found with using sit-stand desks are:
1. Decrease weight gain
2. Lower Blood sugar
3. Lower risk for heart disease
4. Decrease back pain
5. Increase mood and energy levels
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